We highly value the confidentiality of your business data, and intellectual property. As a credible service provider that attaches high importance to integrity, we remain committed to ensuring that your privacy is maintained at all times.

In accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 as well as the Privacy Amendment Act 2000, the company ensures adherence to the National Privacy Principles embedded in the aforementioned acts, which is why all we make it a point to make sure that each document shared by you is maintained in consonance with the same.

The confidentiality agreement covers our employees as well. Our clients retain exclusive ownership of copyrights and remain in control over all their documents. Our privacy policy is exclusively drafted for elaborately elucidating the procedure of obtaining, utilising and protecting your personal and professional information is described in detail.

Amendment in the Privacy Policy 

We at reserve the right to make changes (modification, deletions, and additions) to our privacy policy as and when we deem fit. The changes would be implemented after the website makes an announcement about it. You are recommended to go through the privacy policy on a periodic basis since your decision to use our website after any revision constitutes your agreement to ensure compliance with the changes made in the privacy policy.

Personal Information

All pieces of information stores by us, including your full name, email address, etc. are solely used for providing you with top-quality services. As a best practice, we never store any credit/debit card-related information that is used for transacting with us. All transactions are carried out through secure payment methods such as PayPal and WorldPay.We never divulge your personal information to any other party, with the exception of those who perform work on our behalf to provide the requisite service, which ensures compliance with your privacy policy. We take all necessary steps to ensure data protection against any kind of loss and misuse.

Deleting Your Data

All the data and documents shared by you are permanently obliterated from our system within 120 days of delivering the job.

Accessing Your Personal Data

You are more than welcome to contact us to add/remove/modify any personal information you might have shared with us. You are allowed to make the requisite changes as many times as necessary free of cost.

No Spam Policy reiterates its strong commitment to the Spam Act of 2003 that bars unsolicited communication including marketing communications and newsletters. We make it a point not to send any such mail before being authorised by you.
If you wish to unsubscribe from our mails at any given point in time, please contact us. The needful shall be done within five (5) days.We treat our database as extremely confidential and do not share or sell it to third parties in any shape and form.

Placing Cookies to Serve Ads

While browsing, internet-based ad networks we work alongside might insert cookies on your desktop or laptop, also potential leveraging similar technologies to better understand your interests on the basis of your (anonymous) online activities, so as to target relevant ads. Cookies utilised for functionality purposes help engage with a site/service to gain access to fundamental features related to a service.

If you are not interested in receiving such tailored advertising, please feel free to visit the page to opt out of most firms engaging in this type of advertising. (PS: This means that the ads will not be delivered via these targeting methods but does not mean that you will no longer be able to see them.)

External Websites

We will not be held responsible for any external links shared on our website. You are strongly advised to go through these external parties’ respective privacy policies, since our own privacy policy does is not applicable for them.


Please reach out to us in case you have any complaints concerning our privacy policy. Necessary action will be taken and you will be contacted immediately.

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