Proofreading and Editing
What’s the difference?

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Proofreading or editing ?

Proofreading and editing have features in common, but make notably distinct contributions to finalising a text.

Proofreading is the ultimate polishing of a text. It is concerned with making final alterations to grammar, spelling, punctuation or capitalisation and ensuring the published page appears exactly as it should, correctly formatted and free from all errors.

Editing improves the overall quality of a text when the meaning is not as clear as it should be. It corrects factual errors, modifies organisation and amends the text to make it free from poor grammar, awkward word choice and spelling mistakes.


What is proofreading?

Proofreading is the correction of minor errors related to how the text looks before it is finally published or submitted. This process not only checks for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalisation, but also for formatting and layout to ensure the page looks exactly as it should. This is the last stage in the writing process and the experts at will help you to add the ultimate polish to your text and make it ready for publication. 

We do NOT use any AI software on your work.


What is editing?

Editing improves the quality of your text and involves modifying organisation to improve readability while remaining faithful to your original meaning. The process identifies and corrects factual errors, ensures the text is free from inconsistencies, awkward structures and poor word choice as well as grammar and spelling mistakes. The team at will use their skills and experience to get to know your text and to make it as perfect as possible.
We do NOT use any AI software on your work.
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